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Welcome to the internet home of The Church at Argyle. Use it often to stay in touch with the ministries and environments we intend to help lead people into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

We ask that you abide with and agree to our Privacy and Data Security Policy and Site Usage Policy to use this web site. Please take a few minutes to review them.

Be it known that by using our web site you agree to our Privacy Policy and Site Usage Policy. We reserve the option to make changes to both the Privacy and Data Security Policy and Web Site Usage Policy at any time, and you may revisit this page at any time to keep updated on them.

The church needs to gather and maintain information about its members and visitors, both in person and online, to fulfill its ministry mission and to keep a proper legal record of its financial and other dealings. These data might include name, address, telephone numbers, date of birth, employment information, records of financial giving and more. By their nature, many of these data are very personal and sensitive.

Everyone is entitled to privacy concerning the information they provide or the contributions they make. These data may be in the form of paper records, forms, lists, directories, reports, or computer records. The church and its employees and agents must insure that no improper use of personal information is ever allowed, and that no personal information is ever revealed to any person not authorized to have it.

Policies concerning information privacy and security are to be followed by all pastors, ministers, officers, employees, agents or users of the data. These guidelines point out the general nature of the safeguards that ought to be employed to insure privacy and security, and are not exhaustive. Prudence, good judgment and an attitude of Christian respect and humility are assumed to be the basis of handling these items of personal information.

  1. Commercial or business use of member information not readily available from the public record is never permitted.
  2. Information must be used only for specific church business, ministries and activities.
  3. Information is never provided to any person, business or organization outside the church, except as noted below.
  4. Data are physically safeguarded to prevent them from being accessible by anyone not authorized to have access to them.
    • Paper documents, lists, reports, etc., are maintained in limited access spaces such as file cabinets, desks or limited access storage spaces protected by locks and other access-limiting procedures.
    • Computer records are maintained on machines protected by passwords, controlled physical access, firewalls and data security software, and encryption, as deemed needed.
    • Discarded data and media are disposed of in a secure manner, such as shredding.

All data, information and records are maintained in such a way that the minimum number of people have access to them, and then only to perform some specific duty that requires that information. People who have access to personal data or information of any kind shall never reveal or discuss those data or information with anyone except another authorized person and then only to the extent required to carry out a specific church ministry.

Information gathered by the church is optional in many cases, but please note the following instances when certain information is required.

Our web site uses cookies, which are small text files that are left on your computer by our web site software. These cookies are used to track usage and other related purposes. No personal information is gathered or transmitted by these cookies, and they are not harmful to your computer.

Our web site contains links to external web sites. We provide these links because we believe that these web sites provide useful information to our users or useful functionality to our web site. We take every precaution to insure that linked content is appropriate, but we have no control over the web sites outside our own. These sites are not bound by our policies, and we do not endorse them.

We occasionally send emails regarding our ministries or activities to people who have supplied us with their email address. If you do not wish to receive email from us, you may respond to the email and request that you be removed from our lists, or you may contact us by postal mail or telephone and make that request. Our complete contact information is listed at the bottom of this page.

Your information will never be provided to anyone outside the church for a commercial purpose. We may supply information to an outside party in certain limited situations, such as:

All materials (including text, audio files, video files, images, articles and any materials on our site or distributed by our site (hereafter referred to as "materials") are the copyrighted property of The Church at Argyle. All trademarks, service marks and logos are proprietary to The Church at Argyle. You may not distribute materials in any way that would infringe on what we believe as a church, or that would connote usage beyond the realm of what we have intended them to be – information for the growth of our spiritual lives and growth in relationships with our God and our Savior, Jesus Christ. In other words, any materials you pass on to others that are free at this time to you may be passed to others. If you download any materials that are free you may pass it to others but let it be known that you must retain all copyrights, trademarks, and propriety notices that are noted with those materials.

Please note as stated above, you may pass on materials that are free to others but you may not post them on other web sites without written consent. They may be used for personal purposes only, on personal computers for personal viewing. If you would like to put any material from our web site on your own web site or use it any form besides a simple download for personal usage, then you must contact us by email or postal mail with a request for usage on another site, including specifics of person requesting, a contact phone number, and email address, URL, date for usage, place of usage, and details on usage. This applies to any and all of our materials found on our web sites: and

Any attempts to change our internet materials, or to circumvent our security features are prohibited. We would prefer you send others to our site to download files and read/print materials themselves, instead of passing them on. But if it is passed on to a friend then by all means you must follow the terms and conditions noted here. Likewise, you have no authority to give usage rights to anyone you pass any of our materials to, and you are responsible to provide them with the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions if you pass it on to someone yourself.

Contact information for us for all purposes is as follows:

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